Dear Friends in Christ:

Thank you for your interest in having Kathryn minister at your event!  Here are a couple of items to consider with your invitation:
  • The nature of Kathryn's ministry is one where she is dynamically led by Holy Spirit in her worship to contend for higher and deeper with God: corporate encounter, intimacy, prophetic release, healing and atmospheric SHIFT. She and her team come with a planned structure, but strive to keep that fluid as she listens for what is happening in heaven and flows with that in the moment. Please be aware that this is the nature of the ministry that you are inviting in, and be sure that it is “ok” with your beliefs and culture.
  • Please download the following PDF document  Ministry-Invitation-2013.pdf. It contains the provisions for inviting Kathryn to minister. Please ensure that you have reviewed the provisions with your ministry's decision-makers and can agree to them.  

Now that you know our heart, please fill out the form below, or send an email to  We will prayerfully consider each invitation, and contact you as soon as possible. Bless you!