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JUST RELEASED! "BUY OIL" is a prophetic call and response between the triune God and the Bride of Christ. Recorded live, this soaking experience will minister deeply to you in the secret place with Him.

Brian Simmons, Author of The Passion Translation, had this to say: "Make sure you this to your music library and listen to it often - each song brings a fresh glimpse of Jesus. It's time for you to come into His presence and find all that you need. BUY OIL will bring you there!"

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"Right from the first driving notes of Fire's first song, with a gasp, the listener is fully engaged. This wonderfully diverse album uniquely reaches the pinnacle of the personal worship experience, expressed through Kathryn's captivating voice and ever-evolving style. Ranging from rock/funk to singer-songwriter, jazz to soulful modern worship, its lush production and brilliant creativity never detract from the radiant heart and flow of worship she crafts so beautifully. This 4th album is, without doubt, Kathryn's best work yet.” -The Elijah List

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NEW The Destiny Leadership Psalmist Academy - Teaching, activation and validation for those called to minister through the CREATIVE ARTS.

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The Destiny Leadership Worship School - training, equipping and a paradigm shift for a corporate, worshiping Body of Christ.

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